Deeping Agent ZSB

Deeping Agent ZSB
Product Details

Deeping Agent ZSB is a bathchromic agent that increases the darkness of primarily polyester fabrics dyed in black, navy blue or dark green by post-treatment of such fabrics.

It provides excellent dark shading effect with high durability and color fastness unprecedented in the bathchromic process.


Component: Special reaction type resin. Acrylic resin

Appearance: Translucent white liquid

Ionic: Weak cation

Viscosity: 50 mpa.s or less

pH: Approx 3

Storage stability: About 12 months under normal conditions


1.Excellent dark shading effect

ZSB is composed of a special resin composition having a self-cross-linking property that forms a low refractivity film on textile. Moreover, the formed film forms microscopic asperity as result of that the light reflects on the fiber diffusely and it provides the excellent dark shading effect.

2.Excellent durability of bathchromic effect

Thanks to its self-cross linking property. ZSB has excellent fastness to washing and dry cleaning solvents.

3.Scarcely affects fastness durability

4.In contrast to silicone based products or urethane based one the principal ingredient of ZSB is resin and slip and sublimation do not occur on treated fabric.