Product Details


Dischargeable reactive dyes in printing 

Coffee CDR

●  Dark brown color

●  Suitable for Africa prints

●  Easy to washing off

●  Resist printing with CLEANTEX PWC

●  Discharge printing with EMVATEX DK-TN and CLEANTEX D-TN

Printed fabric must be fully dried.
According to the material ad equipment or under any other different condition. The process of baking and steaming can be adjusted. Ensure production of the best printing effect is tested.
To avoid the MARCOZOL CDR ground color was impacted by discharge printing agent, the printed fabric must be soaped with high temperature until the scum and discharge-printing agent are removed completely.
While making the color discharge printing paste. The last step is pouring the CLEANTEX D-TN into the paste.
As the alkaline of the color printing paste is quite strong. To avoid hydrolysis of dyes please do not warmed up at the time.

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