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Waterproof Agent PENELON 8851-A

Dec 25, 2017

Most of fluoride waterproofing agents are cationic or weak cationic.

Here, I want to introduce a special item PENELON 8851-A, this is a non-ionic

waterproof agent product in Shanghai dongmei chemical company.

Waterproof agent’s stability is very important to the working process.

When during the dyeing process, factory will use two or more textile auxiliaries to get the good effect, however, most of textile agents and some dyestuff are anionic products.

If the fabric needs to process the waterproof treatment after dyeing, please aware there will have no cleaned or unwashed textile agents and dyestuff on the fabric, which will affect the waterproof treatment effect.

It might cause series of problem as below:

1. Floating oil

2. Agglomerate

3. Sticky roller

However, by using PENELON 8851-A can improve the stability of waterproof agent, which could avoid the above problems, in the meanwhile, this product can be used with coating agent together.

Most of coating finishing agents is anionic product and they cannot be mixed with general waterproof agent because the different iconicity.

We’ve been working for many tests and finally proved that PENELON 8851-A has good compatibility with general PU coating agent.

The mixed coating paste can be placed for more than 72 hours and without stratification or agglomeration problems so it can guarantee for one-step method of coating-waterproof finishing.

PENELON 8851-A has good water repellent, oil repellent and washable properties and we really recommend this as finishing agent.