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Traditional Dye Industry Giants Transformation ‘Internet +’ Or Throws An Industry Reshuffle

Aug 26, 2016

In the "Internet +" on the air, the traditional enterprises to speed up the pace of the Internet +, transition is an inevitable trend. Chemical industry is no exception, a large number of enterprises to speed up the pace of net, inevitable choice in the industry as a whole, is the core competitiveness of enterprises an important symbol.

April 13, in Shanghai Expo Gallery held of "16th session China International dye industrial and the organic pigment, and textile chemicals exhibition" Shang, domestic first shares Internet + concept unit network Sheng business treasure and Zhejiang leap soil Corporation, and Zhejiang JI China Group Corporation common held strategy cooperation signed ceremony, three party will common funded established "dye of (China) supply chain management limited" (provisional name), the registered funds total for 10 million Yuan, which, business treasure funded 3.5 million Yuan accounted for unit 35 % That runtu invested 3.5 million yuan of shares 35% per cent share, jihua Group invested 3 million Yuan shares 30%. The financial companies located in the adoption of e-commerce transactions, the Internet and other means and innovation, upgrading industrial chain integration, service and control capabilities, promote industrial restructuring and development.

Under the agreement, the party will be based on the respective advantages of resources, to create "dye online marketplace in China." The market will become an industry supply and demand information more symmetrical, product prices more transparent, transactions are more secure and efficient, easy bank credit more affordable, open Internet market. Two traditional dye industry giants "Internet +" or throws an industry reshuffle.