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The Application Of INGRAIN Blue IBN

Dec 25, 2017

INGRAIN Blue IBN is mainly used in wax printing on pure cotton cloth, no matter it uses for dyeing or wax printing this product is very popular in African market.

This product is water insoluble but easy to soluble in acetic acid, when user prepare the printing paste it needs the following steps:

1. Add proper amount of acetic and water to make sure INRAIN Blue IBN fully dissolved

2. Preparing proper amount of thickener (i.e. Our thickener KW-888A) to prevent migration.

INGRAIN Blue IBN liquid level needs to keep consistent when during the production, if we want to add dyes liquor it requires to use spray pipe to keep

INGRAIN Blue IBN liquid fresh. The reason to keep the fresh liquor is to avoid color difference.

High temperature may affect the stability of INGRIN Blue IBN so it is very important to maintain low temperature.

After drying, we usually use infrared radiation heating and drying room together then fixation.

There are two fixation methods can be used for INGRAIN Blue IBN.

1. Hydrosulfite method: To avoid uneven happened it is very important to keep consistent of liquid level and for this method is not able to use with

other types of dyes it must be INGRIAN Blue IBN only.

2. Steaming method: Do not need to consider the liquid level and bath time

but costly than Hydrosulfite method. This method is suit for when use reactive dyes and INGRAIN Blue IBN together.