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Printing And Dyeing Industry, Eliminate Backward Production Capacity, Printing And Dyeing Costs Continue To Rise

Aug 26, 2016

The G20 Summit will be held in Hangzhou, in order to make the sky appear "Zhejiang blue" Zhejiang printing and dyeing, chemical and other high-polluting industries will focus on reorganization. In early January, party zone of keqiao branch three of the Joint Inspection Unit, to carpet to check printing and dyeing enterprises in the autonomous region, the treatment of printing and dyeing industries upgrade "sword". Keqiao printing and dyeing capacity per cent of China's dyeing and printing capacity by more than one-third. Before the Spring Festival, keqiao, Shaoxing district 64 treatment of printing and dyeing enterprises to stop production, total volume of 105197.9 tons/day. As to capacity, printing costs were expected to usher in price window.

Eliminating backward production capacity, dye stood on the supply side reforms draught, preferred airlines ' shares: "ten of the atmosphere", "water ten", "new environmental protection laws" were introduced, printing and dyeing industry dominated by SMEs to stop the tide. Printing and dyeing mill, keqiao, Zhejiang, the G20 Summit is just off the fuse. Even without the G20, printing and dyeing industry, eliminate backward production capacity, boost the market share of the leading enterprises is a long-term trend. Keqiao cluster of dyeing is the largest producer, keqiao, 2015 have been backward printing and dyeing capacity of 130 million meters, weaving production capacity of 30 million meters behind. Especially in the past 5 years, keqiao District have been eliminated and the regulation of various kinds of low-end backward enterprises (workshops) 1993, total elimination of outdated printing and dyeing capacity 4.268 billion meters, weaving capacity of 1.708 billion meters. Printing and dyeing industry, eliminate backward production capacity will be a long-term trend, industry is expected to continue to benefit.