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Innovation Of Dyestuff Production In Activated Cells Gene

Aug 26, 2016

And eliminate backward production capacity, along with the energy-saving and emission reduction work, dye pigments to a critical point. 16th session China International dye industrial and the organic pigment, and textile chemicals exhibition Shang, China dye industrial association related head and the exhibition business are consistent think, China to became dye pigment production power, on must activated industry cell in the of each innovation gene, speed up industry of integrated of and automation transformation, speed up products ecological security and function sex of innovation development, focus development meet market needs and has high added value of products, improve industry in international Shang of competitiveness, variable China manufacturing for China created.


Integration and automation

"At present, dyestuff, pigment production despite technology has improved, but are still extensive, open type, intermittent, and labour-intensive jobs, poor emergency response capacity to environmental protection, safety, response control is not precise enough, could easily lead to product quality, is more difficult to achieve the required yield, problems such as high production costs, resulting in lack of competitiveness in the international market. In this regard, to the existing production technology. "China dyestuff industry association said Senior Engineer Zhang Yanshen. The dyestuff industry "Thirteen-Five" development plan (the plan) this trend was clear.

The plan points out that future industry needs to strengthen its response equipment sealed, integration, intelligence and information transformation, whole process to reach reaction temperature, pH, pressure, flow rate, reaction rate parameter automation, improved Atom utilization of raw materials and reduce the excess material, so that more accurate and reasonable response. And to build a number of dyes, pigments, intermediates, automated or continuous model lines, through transformation and popularization, improve the level of technology and equipment for the industry as a whole.

The existing production process is still relatively backward, key intermediates for synthesis route design and unreasonable, the plan points out that, should focus on the production technology of transformation, optimization, systematization and integration as well as in terms of security and stability improvements. Particularly in the technological process, to focus on optimization of production process of material and energy, and improve the effect of the comprehensive utilization of resources.