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Dec 25, 2017

INGRAIN Blue IF3GR-1 is a copper phthalocyanine dye specially developed for African printing/Kanga.

This product has been removed the ammonia component that the smell of paste will be smell-less than traditional Blue IF3G which improved and

protected working environment for labors.

INGRAIN Blue IF3GR-1’s shade is more brilliant, brighter and full tone than

tradition Blue IF3G that meets the needs of African printing market.

The advantage of INGRAIN Blue IF3GR-1 is below:

1. Color paste without blocking Screen

2. Easy to operate without adding K2 (copper complex)

3. No aromatic amines prohibited by EU

4. No Glucosinolates in solvent agent.

INGRAIN Blue IF3GR-1 can be used for the dyeing process.

During baking process it will get very bright blue color if it uses our company

special prescription technology. Generally, the reactive dye cannot reach to the blue shade as INGRAIN Blue IF3GR-1 does.

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