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Dyes And Auxiliaries In The Industry Transformation

Aug 26, 2016

With the development of dyeing and printing industry, as the upstream product "Assistant" also will rise. At present, the small auxiliary Enterprise existence worrying, even some midsize auxiliaries of old enterprises is difficult to do business. People exclaim, industry consolidation is coming, upgrade without delay.

Dye auxiliaries industry demand, mainly from the textile printing and dyeing, textile industry and promoting China's dyeing and printing auxiliaries demand is steadily increasing. It is learned that dye auxiliaries production enterprises in China nearly 3,000, mainly in private enterprises, mainly concentrated in Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces. These enterprises are small, simple product, low concentration. Domestic product in 2013 in the production of Textile auxiliaries business, production capacity in only 3 of the more than 50,000 tons.

Downstream clients of China's textile printing and dyeing mill is more dispersed, with the increasing environmental pressures will speed up industry consolidation, future trends will be concentrated. Accordingly, the textile industry will also have technology and service of dominant businesses.

But that can't be avoided is that dye additives industry in China is facing a severe test. Industry insiders said, "Nowadays, dyes and auxiliaries is fierce competition in the industry, under pressure from the cost of raw materials, high quality and low price has been difficult to achieve. "Due to intense competition, many Assistant-Enterprise has to reduce the price, get it on the" price war ".

Do the results not saved a person from danger but to industries in the abyss, falling into the vicious circle. Then, there were many "scale-free" makes good, industry stranded. In addition, in the past two years, the State environmental protection policy-intensive introduction at all levels of Government to environmental protection supervision has been strengthened, unqualified for environmental protection enterprises firmly implemented production and to impose sanctions, it also accelerated the auxiliaries industry reshuffle.