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Dye Leading Calls For Creating A Fair Competition Environment

Aug 26, 2016

On July 6, the China chemical dye industry sustainable development seminar held in Beijing organized by the newspaper. Dye enterprises participating calls: the Government should step up its supervision and control, enhance environmental law enforcement, resolutely fight against disrupting order, polluting enterprises, to support production enterprises enterprises shall strengthen self-discipline and jointly create a fair competition environment.

Participants noted that, within the current dye industry there is serious competition. Some small enterprises with backward technology, serious pollution violations, what products a profit that is rushing headlong into mass action, serious disruption of the market environment. And compliance of production, large enterprises due to the high cost of environmental compliance, not with these small businesses to compete on price, but profit margins or even losses. Meanwhile, some technology device should be eliminated in some areas still under construction. Backward enterprises back to the public "dye is equivalent to pollution" misconception, a direct impact on confidence in the development of the industry.

Companies believe that the existence of these phenomena, and inconsistent with the interpretation of local government policies, law enforcement, and lax law enforcement has a lot to do. Therefore, eager for government departments to strengthen their clean up, keeping barriers, strongly out, shutting down illegal businesses, and uniform layout, supporting enterprise "three wastes" treatment, strengthening protection of intellectual property rights, support superior enterprises bigger and stronger.

Participants also said the leading enterprise, willing to work with peers to share experience in environmental protection, clean production, enhance enterprise self-discipline, common industry-wide on a healthy growth track.

Meeting was chaired by Cui Xuejun, President of China chemical industry news. Ministry Deputy Director, raw materials Division Pan Aihua, Director of the Planning Department of environmental policy of the Department of environmental protection Ge Chazhong, Sinopec Federation Deputy Secretary General and Director of the Department of quality and safety and environmental protection Zhou Xianhui, China dyestuff industry association, Vice Chairman and Secretary-General, Tian Liming backbone enterprises and more than 10 dye attended the meeting.