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Dye Industry Development Plan

Aug 26, 2016

Innovation focus:
Ecological security and environmental upgrades
Zhang Yanshen points out, the "Thirteen-Five" period, dyestuff, pigment should be the ecological safety and environmental protection is also integrated into the innovation focus.

To adjust the product design philosophy on the one hand, focus on ecological safety, functionality and practical product development. To concern international Shang the big clothing brand company on textiles, and daily chemicals, and plastic products, of security data requirements, concern ETAD (International dye and organic pigment manufacturer Association) on dye in the organic impurities of limit value, through on dye pigment and organic pigment manufacturing full process of optimization upgrade, avoid and effective cut production process in the harmful organic impurities of produced, reduced pollutants of produced and emissions.

On the other hand should pay attention to ecological safety data of new product testing. Dyestuff, pigment and needs, including physical and chemical properties, toxicology and eco-toxicological properties, the inherent characteristics of the data, and dye pigments on the index of average missing rate of 75%. The dyestuff, pigment industry in China to the international market to bring many uncertainties and difficulties, become the hurdle of dyestuff, pigment and industrial development. Therefore, to increase capital investment, pay attention to ecological safety data testing of new products, improve product quality and competitiveness.

Research and development:
Marketable and high added-value
Zhang Yanshen told China Chemical Reporter, dyestuff, pigment and the creation and industrialization of new products is the cornerstone of future business development. The "Thirteen-Five" period, dyestuff, pigment and enterprises should focus on new product development in the field, development of high-performance and functional products.

The "Thirteen-Five" period, industry should develop products that meet market needs, such as to meet the textile industry new technology, new dyes fibers as well as energy conservation and emission reduction requirements suitable for textile blocks harmful substances and germs, requirements for high flame retardant, fire retardant textile dyestuff, pigment and products suitable for dyeing with supercritical dyeing, organisms identified using temporary soluble dye, dyestuff and so on. Zhejiang jihua Group Sales Manager Shi Linfeng said in an interview with reporters, upgrade their products to market needs further development of high solids, high fastness, high lift, high leveling, high reproducibility, low salt dyeing, dyeing, security and environmental protection of new type reactive dyes.

Addition, planning also pointed out that, future to strengthening high-end products of development and innovation pace, research focus has applies Yu inkjet printing high strength need of solubility for 20%~30% of high dissolved sex high strength activity dye, and acid dye and organic pigment; adapted Yu Super fine fiber, and high imitation cotton, and multifunctional composite fiber and wool, fiber dye whole processing technology need of dispersed dye, and activity dye, and acid dye and organic pigment; transfer printing process technology, and paint dyeing process technology, and Micro-capsule dye no additives from dyed color technology, energy-saving emissions type green dyeing technology by needed of dedicated dye new varieties; meet special engineering plastics, high-end products needs of dye pigment products; applies Yu traffic transport, and life science, and electronic chemicals, and new energy with chemicals field of high flux, and high color saturated value, and high engineering of pigment varieties, to meet light quantitative, and high strength, and resistance high temperature, and shock, aspects of requirements.