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Disperse Dyes In Dyeing And Printing Industry Once Again To Raise Prices

Aug 26, 2016

On April 15, disperse dyes normal prices rose 3000 Yuan/ton, after the price increase, price of 31,000 yuan/tons. It was the fifth increase since March. Analysts pointed out that environmental factors such as supply side shrinkage expected and traditional printing and dyeing is also an important reason for this round of price hike of the season.

Since March, the continuous price rises of disperse dyes. On March 5, runtu shares lead in some of its products, such as price increases 10%-15%, jade disperse dyes yellow, Brown, red, blue, and black varieties edged 2000 Yuan/ton, then Zhejiang Longsheng also notice price increases.

Analysts pointed out that dyes price floors price rebound, limited production and the multiple factors such as printing and dyeing of March-May season every year, is expected to boost dye demand improves.

However, despite dye prices, but still some distance from previous highs. 2015 textile and raw materials market downturn, and reactive dyes disperse dyes price decline was larger, listed companies generally decline. Dye industry in the listed company, runtu shares and Connaught (10.010, 0.25, 2.56%) released a quarterly forecast, are reduced. Runtu shares estimated first-quarter net profit of 50 million-70 million Yuan, down 79%-85%; snow it expects first-quarter net income of $ 24.77 million Yuan-28.58 million Yuan, down by 25%-35%. Both companies have said dye main product prices have fallen sharply, the sharp decline in profit and gross profit margin compared with