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Discharge Printing

Sep 14, 2017

Partly removed the dyed ground color to bleach out a white or other shade pattern that we called discharge. Pigment discharge and Vat discharge are the most common process. The f Reactive or Naphthol dyes are used as ground shade and Pigment or Vat dyes are used for pattern printing

However, when it used pigment discharge process there are some difficulties.

1. Fastness

2. Hard Hand Feeling 

 The Vat discharge printing also has the problems as below:

1. Cannot get fully chromatographic

2. Complicated process

3. Using much reduction agent into paste

4. Not easy to get the brilliance shade

For these two dyes, they had very limited application process.

To avoid the above situation, we are developing a new discharging process that can use our reactive MARCOZOL CDR and MARCOCION P series.

Our MARCOZOL CDR is for dyeing ground color and MARCOCION P is for printing pattern design.

This method we called reactive discharge on reactive. 

1. Dongmei Company’s MARCOZOL dyes as ground shade.

2. Using our discharge agents Emvatex DK-TN and Cleantex D-TN.

3. Dongmei Company’s MARCOCION P dyes as printing pattern design.

We use our product’s features to reach the reactive discharge printing purpose. The advance of our process as below:

1. Complete chromatography

2. Simple working process

3. Soft handle and reduce waste water

4. Good environmental protection

5. Brilliance color shade