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Uses: metal complex dyes

Aug 27, 2016

Particularity of the metal complex dye is that it can supply more high light and bright, better durability and color fastness, compared with the popular organic dye application in consequence better compared with organic dyes, metal complex dyes are more likely to evacuate, into oozy, coloring, and abnormally high color fastness, bright great consequences.

Metal complex collection dye of important use has following points: 

1, and special paint with; 

2, and plastic finished outside dyeing with; 

3, and lighting finished coloring with; 

4, and wood paint; 

5, and foil coloring with (as bronzing information); 

6, and metal lit coloring with (as indoor decorations high temperature roast paint); 

7, and solvent type ink; 

8, and Atomic pen and the various stationery ink with; 

9, and foil of printing ink; 

10, and natural and the decomposition leather outside coloring with; 

11, and shoe Polish dyeing with; 

12, and paper or metal outside of printing ink.