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Reactive dye dyeing method

Aug 27, 2016

Reactive dyes (reaction dye) also known as response dyes. Chemical molecule contains vivid group in aqueous solution with cotton, wool and other fibers response make up the total key of dye. Has a high washing fastness.
Dyeing of cotton, most often used way for dyeing, dyeing method.

Dip method:

One-step dyeing method can be divided into a bath, one bath and two step, two-bath three staining methods.

A: one bath one step: is dyed in alkaline bath, that is, in one solid-color stain, this technical brief, dyeing time short, easy to operate, but agree with solid colors, solid-color
Dyes cannot disperse after, thus leveling and poor penetration. Into the stain under alkaline conditions, dye dye stability comparison of hydrolysis.

B: bath two-step: first in neutral-bath dyeing, dye dye close to balance, participate in the alkali in the dye bath, adjust the PH value to solid-color rule PH value, (usually 11) dyes fibers reach the Covalent, reach fixation of intentions.

C: a bath two-step is the dyeing of reactive dyes in exhaust dyeing method comparison a reasonable approach, it can be made not only on the high rate of dyeing and fixation. And outstanding level dyeing and dyeing of cotton knitted fabric commonly used this way.