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Rayon printing unevenly

Jul 18, 2017

In rayon fabric printing, the problem of uneven is often happened, especially printed on knitted fabric and mostly, it happened on red shade. It will be find after washing off which is left and right uneven or front and back uneven. It brings a lot of trouble to factory.

As we had communication with technicians, we find the factory did not use deoxyenzyme. Deoxyenzyme can quickly remove the residual hydrogen peroxide on the cloth and can reduce the washing water.

How can we solve the problem of uneven red shade after washing?

At first, the fundamental solution is the use of enzymes in the pretreatment process

Secondly, the remedy is to adjust the washing process, by reducing the time of the first high temperature washing, and prolong the high temperature washing time of the second tank to achieve the purpose.

Further more, in the production process, the inspection system between each procedure have to carry out, the problem can be found during the process as soon as possible. Especially checking before washing off. Each tank cloth must have at least one handmade washing. Each tank proofing cloth has to keep file.

At last, it is suggested that the printing and dyeing factories cannot reduce the process. It is necessary to check the color of each tank is same as sample between steaming and washing.