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Non-Fluorine Water Repellent Knowledge

Apr 19, 2018

Non-fluorine water repellent knowledge


1.    Environment protection issues


Major non-fluorine water repellent is long chain of alkanes waterproof agent. It includes soap, paraffin wax and organic silicon water repellent.


Compared with fluorine series water repellent, non-fluorine water repellent is not easy to accumulate in human body.


It’s a safety chemical which also easy to degradation in natural environment.


2.    Property issues


Non-fluorine water repellent could reduce fabric surface tension and make it less than water, but greater than oil.


Therefore, non-fluorine water repellent could only ensure fabric waterproof but not oil proof. Its property is far from achieving the effect of fluorine series water repellent.


Currently, it seems the non-fluorine water repellent is not able to replace fluorine series water repellent fully.


3.    Our water repellent


Shanghai Dongmei chemical have full range of water repellent PENELON series: C8, C6, Non-fluorine.

We could meet all customer’s requirements.