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Metal complex dye application in environmental protection

Aug 27, 2016

Old metal complex dyes when production limitations, in the synthesis of dyes and dyeing processes occur in a large number of pollutants, serious damage around the river system's ecological situation. Metal complex dyes are dyes outcome in a nervous branch, at the exception of dye industry generally, not just used for dyeing cotton, polyester fiber, is also used for wool, silk and so on.
New metal complex dyes by chromatography are available, decomposition process simple, high cost, dye function is excellent, excellent dyes outcome was widely used. Our dyes and textile production, importing countries, since after joining the WTO, qualifying regulations all over the world to our dyes and textile imports caused serious impacts. Category of domestic fine chemicals is based on environment-friendly dyes discussion and open up all on edge. Not only affects China's import market, are also deeply related to the vital interests of our consumers, and health.
Has now entered a period of environmental priorities, metal complex dyes in the market constantly need to gradually transform innovation into levels, fraternity-type metal complex dye winning equipment, dyeing, dyeing and finishing industry has on the current tense meaning.
So during the current environmental requirements more stringent, we dye businesses as long as further profound opening up environment-friendly dyes, better cut the negative effects of the dyes, better able to promote the growth of the enterprise.