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Knitted fabric crease/chicken and prevention of paw prints

Aug 27, 2016

Knitted fabric dyeing creases/cause:
1. cooling speed too fast
2. cloth and matching nozzle is not good, flow control based on speed don't fit!
3. heavy fabric and lined with fabric creases before the best way is to dye settled, otherwise good VAT is also unsolvable;
4. pay attention to the volume of the cylinder arrangement, easily wrinkled fabrics, cylinder capacity not to be too large, generally not more than 80%;
5. temperature control, 1-1.5 of heating/cooling, above 80 degrees can not directly drain into cold water can overflow water, slowly reduce the problem;
6. increase the ratio 1:15-1:20.

In overflow dyeing this is very normal, if it is more serious:
First see if you have a reservation, and spandex stretch fabric, like you'd intended.
Second step to see if your actions rationally, VAT does not appear and is not running smooth.
Step three you heat up the cooling rate is not too fast. This is where attention in later production, if it's not too serious, in a production setting when you set the pull back to a solution, if more serious recommendations into the cylinder 95 degree water for 10 minutes, and then slowly cooling to about 50 degrees to drain out of the tank, basically will be able to resolve this issue. Also it should be said, dehydration time to dry on the line 70%, too dry and prone to wrinkles, he is part of the chicken paw prints a lot of place too long after dehydration caused by dry cloth during dehydration within 3 hours after the killing, it's too easy to play.