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Introduction of Marcocion Yellow P-6G

Feb 05, 2018

Shanghai Dongmei Chemical Company is specialized in reactive dyes manufacturing and market sale in the industry.

We have so much experience and able to provide the fully technical support for customers.

This time we’d like to introduce our Marcocion Yellow P-6G this product is one of our MARCOCION P series dyes.


1.    Very bright yellow and suitable for green shade

2.    High color yield and build up

3.    Good color fastness


Compare with other yellow color, Marcocion Yellow P-6G has higher solubility and easy to dissolved in cool water. When it dissolved as stock liquid for automatic color pulping system, there’s no precipitation or impurity problem.


When it uses as printing dyes on cotton, the urea dependency is low so it could use as non-urea printing, however, it required standard process when it print on rayon fabric.