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How to choose a metal complex dyes and their application

Aug 27, 2016

Usual dye can be collectively referred to as the metal complex dyes, metal complex dyes on the decision because use is different. Choice approach is not the same!
A. According to be useful choices dyes because of pollutants uses different differences to the fastness of dyed products request. For example cloth for curtains are often washed, but often the sun shines is with dye, should choose higher light fastness of dye. As a lingerie and summer wearing pastel fabrics dyeing, because often washed, Sun, so choices should be resistant to washing and drying, sweat-resistant dyes of high fastness.
B. the cost of dye used in choice of dye, the dye, not just to think on the shade and fastness, taking dyes and additives used, at the discretion of the capital, sources and so on. As a more expensive dye, should be used with discretion as far as possible may have strange consequences the rest of dyes to alternative, with low labor costs.
C. dyeing machines because differences on dye's temper and requests are not the same. If used for dyeing, magistrates or indirect high dyes used for padding, you should choose less direct dye, after or before the dark light, brilliance is not uniform, not consistent with product requests.
D. patient choice according to fiber dyes fibers because of their temperament differences stop dyeing it necessary to choose suitable dyes. When for example dyeing because it contains a lot of elements in the structure of hydrophilic hydroxyl, easy to absorb moisture expansion, and response group chemical reactions and alkali-resistant, it can choose indirect, healing, curing, icing dyes and reactive dyes. Polyester high hydrophobicity, not alkali resistance at low temperatures, generally should not be used over dyes, but decided to stop dyeing with disperse dyes.
E. mixed colors when the choices of dyes in colour matching necessary, selection of dyes should be aware of their identity, solubility, colour fastness and dyeing rate function. Difference in function because of various dyes dyeing, dyeing often vary according to temperature, solubility, dye and other differences affect the staining results. Is to stop the spell color, the essential choice function close to the dye, and the adjacent the better, such as permission to process control and dyeing quality of the premises of a firm.