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Fluorocarbon water and oil proofing agent

Nov 21, 2017

This water and oil proof agent is a textile-finishing agent the develop idea is from lotus. People have been observed and studied for a long time they found lotus grows in mud, yet never contaminates with it.

When it breaks through the water you could find the water drops, especially for the lotus leaf performance is particularly prominent.

People could find if water drops on lotus leaf surface when it rolls around it takes the dust and other substances away, which to achieve self-cleaning effect so we called it ‘lotus leaf effect’.

At the beginning, the waterproof agent is composed of aliphatic alcohols, wax and other water repellent substances, which is not able to do the oil proof. However, based on the ‘lotus leaf effect’ the scientists did a lot of study and tests they found fluorocarbon could finally reach the effect.


Based on their study and we now able to make the fluorocarbon waterproof proof agent for textile industry.

After treated by high temperature backing and crosslinking, it still maintains waterproof, oil proof and antifouling these good effects.

Except those effects, our fluorocarbon agent also keeps its wash ability, which meets the textile industry’s requirements.

Our water and oil proofing series have different items, PENELON 8501-A, PENELON 8801-A, PENELON 8850-A and PENELON 8851-A. The operation method is very simple and easy it only needs three processes soaking, drying and baking.

When textile treated by the above items the test result is as below:

1. AATCC TM22 (spray method) 100 points

2. AATCC TM193 (drip method) 6G

AATCC TM118 (oil performance test) 6G

AATCC TM22 spray method: scores by 6 levels from 100, 90, 80, 70, 50 and 0.

AATCC TM193 drip method: scores by 6 levels from 6G, 5G, 4G, 3G, 2G and 1G.

AATCC TM118 oil resistance test: the scores are same as AATCC TM193.