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Shanghai Dongmei Chemical company’s Reactive Red Dyestuffs

Oct 18, 2017

Shanghai Dongmei Chemical company ltd has 20 years experiences of production,marketing and technical services in China. We customized or re-designed variety of red dyes for our customers.

Currently, our reactive red dyes are divided into two series one is MARCOCION P that is for direct printing. Another MARCOZOL CDR is for resistant printing for both of them are covering all varieties of reactive printing dyes.

MARCOCION P series have different red, such as Red P-4BN-01, Red PN-2B, Red PE-2B, Red P-6B and Red P-8B.

1. Red P-4BN-01: this product is very suitable for light color matching. The feature of the item is not temperature sensitive, when matching KAHKI color the main point is keep stable and the color should not be changed.

When it against to local Red P-BN, our Red P-4BN-01 color yield is 20% higher and the price is very competitive as well.

2. Red PN-2B: this item has same structure with traditional Red K-2BP.

We made some changes of Red PN-2B and it helps the solubility from 80 grams to 120 grams, which is easier to make the color paste and able to reduce the color point.

3. Red P-6B and Red P-8B: both of them are rosy red shade and the stability of Red P-6B is better than Red P-8B. The features of Red P-6B are steaming stability and not temperature sensitive, the build up also better than Red P-8B. However, Red P-8B is suitable for short time steaming, which takes around 6 minutes and less alkali than other P type dyes.

MARCOZOL CDR is our selected series for resistant reactive dyes it has fully color range. The CDR printing process can instead of dischargeable printing, which helps the dyeing factory to improve the process controlling level. This CDR series have three red shades, Nacarat CDR, Brilliant Red CDR and Deep Red CDR H/C. These three products have good discharge effect and the discharge level is between 4-4.5. For the further information, please check our website.

http://www.dongmei.net  or  http://www.dm-chemicals.com