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Color essence toner product usage considerations

Aug 27, 2016

Color essence pigments dyestuffs used a lot in the process we need to pay more attention to the content, careful to better performance of many of the products used to be, it would save a lot of product defects. What note is in the process of using content briefly as follows:
1, dye product temperature must be maintained at greater than 5 ℃, relative humidity of the surrounding environment must be less than 80%;
2, to apply the parts or materials cannot be stained to grease, oil paint, or days that water, mixed with other dye used is strictly prohibited (subject to scientific allocation test);
3, in order to keep the dye to achieve good results, apply color precision powder dye components prior to the wet to avoid water;
4, dye color precision color powder coating, mindful of thin, not thick coating, brushing required uniform, preventing the flow;
5, Recoat time should not be too long (subject to dry), if recoating time is too long, dry dye coating film, paint must be sanded before;
6, dye coating construction is completed or suspended in the Middle, you should immediately wash with tools.
Above is the use of color precision powder dye some considerations, each product key is for the best performance of the product, scientific and reasonable use is the only criterion for product quality and efficiency.