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Shanghai Dongmei Chemical Co.,Ltd is invested exclusively in China by Taiwan Uzzia Corporation.The company was established and situated in Malu Town,Jiading District,Shanghai,on August,1997.We have been specializing in reactive and other dye's technical service , market promotion , R and D for conventional and special printing in the dyeing and printing industry. MarcorĀ® , our registered trade mark, has been gradually becoming a trustful product's pronoun in this field for the last several years development.

Reactive Dyes

Headquarter in Shanghai,China

Disperse Dyes

R&D Center

Phthalocyanine Dye

Reaction Tower

Textile Auxiliaries

Mixing dyestuffs

Dye Intermediates

Waste water disposal system

Water And Oil Proofing Agent

Finished cargo in Warehouse

Lab testing equipments