Superior Wet Fastness Disperse Dyes

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Product Details

Disperse dyes mainly used in polyester/elastane fiber dyeing


(1)MarcosanSWF Inherent very high wet fastness 

(2)MarcosanSWF  high rubbing fastness 

(3)MarcosanSWF  Most of the dyes have very high light fastness

(4)MarcosanSWF  Excellent reservation, Particulariy of cellulose to produce“marl”or“heather”Effects  on polyester/cellulose blends

(5)MarcosanSWF  Better than expected wet fastness on polyester/elastane blends, especially with the New heat resistant elastane yarns, as 125 0

Marcosan SWF Exhaustion process:



Dyeing liquid:

Marcosan Dyes                    xg

Buffer                                       PH=4.0-4.5

Levelling and Dispersing         1g

Scouring agent                        1g



Seat bath:700

Heating rate: 1-20C /min

Fixation tem.&time 1300CX30-60/min

Cooling down:≤800C

After treatment 

Alkaline Scour

1.0-2.0 g/l Soda Ash  or caustic soda 

1.0-2.0 g/l Scouring agent 

900C-980C,15-20 min 

Reduction Cleaning:

2.0-4.0 g/l Sodium Hydrosulphite

1.0-2.0 g/l Caustic Soda Flake

1.0-2.0 g/l Emulsifier

700C-800C,15-20 min

Rinse / Neutration

Marcosan SWF Disperse Dyes:

Marcosan SWF Disperse DyesLight Fastness XenonWashing Fastness M&S C$AWashing Fastness AATCC 612APerspirationSublimationPH Scope
Marcosan SWF Yellow 0.45%swf1.png6-75554-54-6
Marcosan SWF-N.G Yellow 1.30%swf2.png6-74-5554-54-6
Marcosan SWF Orange 1.80%swf3.png6-74-54-554-54-5
Marcosan SWF YE.Brown 2.10%swf4.png74-54-554-54-5
Marcosan SWF Brill Scarlet 1.65%swf5.png5-64-54-54-54-54-5
Marcosan SWF Scarlet 1.80%swf6.png5-64-5554-54-6
Marcosan SWF Brill Red 2.20%swf7.png5-64-54-54-54-54-5
Marcosan SWF Red 2.00%swf8.png5-64-5554-54-6
Marcosan SWF Deep Red 1.30%swf9.png744-54-54-54-5
Marcosan SWF-N Deep Red 1.30%swf10.png74-5554-54-5
Marcosan SWF Rubine 1.20%swf11.png74-54-54-54-54-4.5
Marcosan SWF Violet 2.00%swf12.png6-74-54-54-54-54-4.5
Marcosan SWF T.Blue 2.00%swf13.png74-5554-54-6
Marcosan SWF-B Royal Blue 1.90%swf14.png74-54-554-54-4.5
Marcosan SWF-R Navy 3.00%swf15.png6-74-54-54-54-54-4.5
Marcosan SWF Black 5.00%swf16.png6-755554-4.5
Marcosan SWF Deep Black 5.00%swf17.png6-74-54-54-54-54-4.5

The data mentioned on this shade card is for the customer’s reference only which have no any guarautee, Due to The production conditions are different ,It is necessary for the customers to take our products to do the relative teste Before production.